We provide a wide range of services

Ranging from Hands-on Lab Courses in Inkjet Engineering & Inkjet Chemistry to helping you develop novel tools to serve your requirement. 

Trainings & Courses

> We develop and run complex rheological courses for paints & coating and inkjet indjustries.
> Organise and run rheological courses for industries.
> Run scientific background search and carry out R&D on behalf of clients.
> Write technical papers.


We develop novel metrology tools for fluid characterisations.
Development of bespoke rheological tools for fluid characterisation, such as - high shear, - high frequency and - high extensional rheometers .
Online sensors to meet specific application requirements.

Technical Consultation

We specialise in all aspects of inkjet printing: Formulation of paints, enamels and inkjet inks. Development of Novel functional inks. Fine-tuning and reformulation of commercial paints, enamels and inkjet inks. Complex rheological characterisation. Technical problem solving and optimisation of production/application processes. From lab to full scale production- unit set up and trainings. Liaise with chemical and equipment suppliers on behalf of clients.

Some of our clients we have served