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Specialising in Inkjet Printing and Coating.

What we do?

Technical Consulting and problem solving on all aspects of Inkjet

Novel inks formulations

Characterisation of existing inks and fine-tuning

Development of enamels and paints

Develop bespoke metrology tools for fluid characteristics

From lab to full scale production – set up, develop formulations, train and optimise productions

Organise and run complex rheology courses tailored to specific industries

What our clients say?

Tri is a world-class expert on complex rheology. His instruments, as the PAV, are a must to predict inkjet inks jettability. Tri possesses a broad and astonishing knowledge of inkjet. He is always keen to share it, and do that in a simple and didactic way. As a person, Tri is very positive and enthusiastic, making discussing and solving complex technical problems with him an enjoyable experience.
Mathieu Soutrenon
Head of additive manufacturing at iPrint institute
I have attended Mr. Tri's advance rheology at IPRINT, I can say rheology is a tricky subject and was made understand very well and cleverly. Machine invented by Mr. Tri for testing inks for functionality in INKJET at said shear rate & shear stress looks really promising which will save lot of man hours in testing of inkjet inks.
Bhavesh Shah
Director at Vama Prints & Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Dr. Tuladhar and I have collaborated in a number of research projects over the past 10 years. These collaborative projects were carried out in both Cambridge and Oxford. Tri's knowledge in the field of fluid complex rheology is unmatched and is a well-known, world-recognised authority in the field. We are currently working on two projects on the jetting of complex materials for photonics applications and rheometry. If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Alfonso Castrejon-Pita
Royal Society Research Fellow/Associate Professor (Fluid Mechanics) at University of Oxford

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